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BA Honours in Sociology

BA Honours in Sociology


The BA Honours Programme in Sociology is a four-year degree programme, which is offered by Uttar Banga Maheshwari College under North Bengal University.

The course offers an opportunity to study sociology at the undergraduate level. The course aims to develop student's analytical skills and their ability to make sound judgments based on data. It also aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and understanding of a range of theoretical perspectives on sociology and society in general.

To get the best out of this course, students should have a good grasp of the English language. The course is also suitable for those who want to pursue careers in teaching, research or public service.

  • Subject :BA Honours in Sociology
  • Course Language :English
  • Accreditation :NBU
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80015-51000 80015-52000

Fee Structure For 2024-25

Courses Offered Total No of Semester Fees per Semester Total Fees for 6 Semesters (For First 3 Years.)
Consolidated Fee per Semester Scholarships Offered per Semester Net Consolidated. Fees per for 3 Years Semester Consolidated Fees Scholarships Offered for 3 Years Total Net Payable after Scholarship for First 3 Years
3 Years Under Graduate Degree 6 ₹ 25200 ₹ 16700 ₹ 8500 ₹ 151200 ₹ 100200 ₹ 51000
4 Years Under Graduate Degree(Honours) 8 ₹ 25200 ₹ 16700 ₹ 8500 ₹ 151200 ₹ 100200 ₹ 51000
4 Years Under Graduate Degree (Honours + Research) 8

*4 Years UG Degree with Honours (with or without research) comprise of 8 Semesters. The fees of First 6 Semesters (First 3 Years) are announces now. For the 4th Year comprising of last 2 Semesters; fees will be annouced later after considering the Guidelines of New Eductaion Policy of University of North Bengal.

# The Fees are to be paid before the each Semester.

@ One Semester normally comprises of 6 Months.

Security Deposit for 3/4 Years UG Degree Course

Rs. 10,000 Payable in 2 installments (Rs. 5,000 at the time of Registration and Rs. 5,000 at the beginning of Second Semester) The Security Deposit is refundable upon completion of the course only.

Registration Fees

Rs. 500 to be paid at the time of first Registration.

Admission Fees

Admission Fees of Rs 10,000 is waived for the year 2024-25 Batch.

What you'll learn

The program is based on the belief that knowledge of society and an understanding of individuals and their relationships are essential to making informed decisions and to being successful in the workplace. It also recognises that understanding different cultural perspectives is crucial to being able to work effectively with people from different backgrounds. The BA Honours Programme in Sociology will equip you with the skills you need to be an informed citizen and effective decision-maker.

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